About Us

Tira and Joel's first Precision Bench Broadcast

Our Approach

Precision Bench is about bringing relevant techniques, technology and training to jewelers, hand engravers, stone setters and other related artisans.  Our classes are small, specific, and convenient.

Our Story

Tira Mitchell started giving lessons to hand engravers and jewelers in 2008.  She founded Precision Artistry LLC and started selling tools on Engraver.com to fellow artists and craftspeople.  Teaming up with Joel McFadden, they experimented with on-line training which evolved into live in-studio classes.  They use the latest technology to shorten the learning curve for developing bench skills crucial for custom jewelers, hand engravers, stone setters and other craftspeople to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Meet the Team

We are actual artists who understand both the creative process and the business needs of our students.

Whether you are a custom jeweler or a passionate hobbyist, we understand what you need.

Tira Mitchell

Founder and Instructor

Tira has been a professional engraver for over 20 years. She founded Precision Artistry LLC and Engraver.com where she introduced the Leica A60F Microscope and EnSet Hand Engraving, Stone Setting and Finishing Tools to the jewelry and hand engraving industries. She has taught professionally since 2008.

Rob Mitchell


Rob Mitchell co-owns Precision Artistry LLC and administers Engraver.com and Precision Bench.  He handles the paper so the creatives can focus on their art.

Joel McFadden

Jeweler and Instructor

Joel is a jeweler with over 40 years of experience.  He has won multiple awards for the creativity and quality of his jewelry and published a wide variety of articles to share knowledge with jewelers worldwide. Joel was the first Jeweler Mentor recognized by the MJSA for his contributions to the industry.

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