We try hard to meet the needs for all of our artists and craftspeople.  Before each class, we reach out to students to see what they want from each class, and we tailor each class accordingly.

We greatly appreciate groups who come to us for a class.  If you have a group of 3 or more people interested in a class, we will discount tuition and customize the class for your group.

What makes Precision Bench classes unique?

Classes designed for your convenience to build your skills

What sets us apart from other classes:

  • Weekend classes so you don't have to miss work
  • Classes taught by active professionals in the business
  • Fully equipped state of the art benches
  • Convenient location for easy and inexpensive travel
  • Customized small courses for maximum instructor interaction

Bucks County is a beautiful and historic area with dozens of options for lodging and entertainment.  A quick search of the 18901 area code will give you your closest options to Doylestown where we hold most of our classes. For people on a budget, searching hotels in or near Montgomeryville (the Montgomeryville Mall) will give you better value within a 15-20 minute drive along Route 202.

We try to schedule our classes at the convenience of our students.  Most people face significant costs for taking off work or closing their business when they take classes during the week. We schedule over weekends to make it as inexpensive and convenient as possible for people to take a class that will improve their skills.

Also, we have found that people who fly in to take a class get much better air fares if they stay over a weekend.

Philadelphia International Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport are the two largest airports near us, and they generally have the best fares. Philadelphia is closer – about a 45 minute drive when it is not rush hour traffic.  Newark is around an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes away. Trenton Airport and Allentown/Bethlehem are also about 45 minutes to an hour away.

We are about an hour to an hour and a half outside of New York City by car.  There are commuter buses that for about $45 round trip will bring you to about 1/2 mile from our studio where we would be happy to pick you up.  Please contact us if you want to take a bus.

No.  We schedule small classes to make sure students have lots of interaction with the instructor.  It would not be fair to students who pay for classes to accept visitors during a class.

Absolutely Yes! We welcome people to drop by for a visit and check out our tools and our classroom.  All we ask is that you make an appointment before coming over.

Running classes on the weekends means we inevitably bump up against religious observances.  We are exploring offering classes that run on Sunday-Monday or for 2 days during the week and will do so if enough people show interest.  If you have a group of 3 people willing to take a course, we will schedule a customized course for you.

We also try to schedule classes in September and October that frequently clash with some religious observances.  We try to strike a balance by avoiding Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur while still offering two classes during each month.

We do not schedule classes in late November and December both because of the holidays and because most jewelers & engravers are too busy at the bench to even think about getting away!

No.  At this point, the red tape the government requires to participate in those programs is more than we want to take on.

We welcome calls from students after a class!  We have had video conferences and followup with students to help reinforce what they learned, and all of our instructors enjoy maintaining relationships with students after they have taken a class.

Custom scheduled and designed courses are available for groups. Have a group of jewelers who want to take a class together? Let’s talk about dates and topics!