Tech Tuesday with Tira launches March 27

Tira teaches engraving
Tira Teaching

At the bench on Tech Tuesday with Tira’s EnSet users are going to get free, cutting edge support on Tech Tuesday with Tira – an on-line video conference with EnSet users.  People who bought EnSet machines from can register for the first session on March 27 at 7PM EDT.  Each session has a max of 50 people, so register now to save your place!

Register for Tech Tuesday with Tira

EnSet Hand Piece Adjustment

Tira adjusts EnSet Hand Piece

Using cutting edge technology, jewelers and engravers can talk live to Tira with almost any device.  Computers (PC or Mac), tablets or smart phones (iOS or Android) all work.  Tira will stream live video tips and tricks for adjusting and using EnSet Compact, Original and Plus machines.  Also, participants with a webcam can share video of their bench to clarify questions and get the most out of their EnSet tools.  (Android devices and some older iPhones and iPads can’t share the participant’s webcam feed.)

Going forward, EnSet users who miss this session can catch new ones.  Each session will cover the basics of setting up an EnSet, adjusting the hand piece, adjusting settings on the machine, and trouble-shooting issues that customers ask about.  We will answer general and individual questions to fix basic problems.

Tira teaches engraving

Tira Mitchell teaches engraving under a Leica S9i

In addition to Tech Tuesdays with Tira, we are also launching live classes at the Precision Artistry Studio in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  We have scheduled classes for setting, engraving and design starting April 21 running through November 2018.  These 2-day classes take place over weekends to minimize the time people have to be away from work or home.  Registration is open and class attendance is limited to 3 people per class.  For more information about these classes, please visit or

As always, Tira is available for questions about tools from at or 215-512-6258.

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