Beginning Engraving Steel Summer 2018

Students at Precision Bench Studio
Scroll Pattern by Tira
Tira Mitchell
Tira teaches sharpening

Experience working with modern pneumatic tools and a microscope to shorten your learning curve and improve the quality of your work!

Tira will use examples and focus on techniques for engraving steel.  Whether you want to engrave knives, firearms, or modern jewelry  made of tougher metals, this class will focus on techniques to get you up and running quickly.  Pre-course input with students will determine the course’s final emphasis.

Tira introduces students to hand engraving with EnSet Hand Engraving, Stone Setting and Finishing tools.  Learn to shape and sharpen many gravers including: a 90 degree graver, a 110 degree graver, a flat, a round and an onglette.  Make stippling and background texture tools.  Tira will also cover transfer techniques, tips on holding/blocking your work, the basics of cutting scrolls, and easy border patterns.

Follow-up with the instructor after the course to answer questions and make sure the fundamental techniques stick with you!

Tira Mitchell
Tira started engraving in 1994 working on Motorcycles in Fairfield, California. Inspired by Master Engravers through the Firearm Engravers Guild of America, Tira expanded her work to firearms, musical instruments, knives, jewelry and a host of unique projects.  She has lived in Bucks County, Pennsylvania since 1999. In 2008, Tira began teaching others to hand...
Beginning Engraving Steel with Tira
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