Decorative Engraving for Jewelry Fall 2018

Tira Mitchell

Tira introduces students to beautiful design elements to compliment jewelry, knives or other hand engraved items.

  • Learn how to lay out and execute border patterns that may be used on a variety of items.
  • Understand the design,  construction and engraving of geometric patterns to surround set stones or other elements.
  • Create dramatic designs for earrings, rings and pendants by combining and stacking simple cuts.

Experience working with modern pneumatic tools and a microscope to shorten your learning curve and improve the quality of your work!

Follow-up with the instructor after the course to answer questions and make sure the fundamental techniques stick with you!

This is an Intermediate course – students should already know basic engraving techniques and should be able to sharpen gravers effectively.

Courses will be held in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  Convenient to Philadelphia International and Newark Liberty International Airports.

Registration is limited to 3 students to ensure optimal student/instructor interaction

To register, students must first call to discuss their level of experience to ensure the class is appropriate for their skill level.  Call 215-512-6258 or e-mail to register.

Tira Mitchell
Tira started engraving in 1994 working on Motorcycles in Fairfield, California. Inspired by Master Engravers through the Firearm Engravers Guild of America, Tira expanded her work to firearms, musical instruments, knives, jewelry and a host of unique projects.  She has lived in Bucks County, Pennsylvania since 1999. In 2008, Tira began teaching others to hand...
Decorative Engraving for Jewelry with Tira

Students must apply prior to registration to ensure class is appropriate to skill level. Call 215-512-6258 or email to apply.

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