Finishing Knives for Engravers and Makers with William Tuch

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Tuch Knife
Blocked Knife for Engraving

The engraving is exquisite. The gold inlay is perfect.   The knife’s finish was flawless when you received it.  But after engraving, the knife’s action isn’t quite right and there are little scratches that you can’t remove without wrecking the rest of the finish.  What do you need to know about finishing knives to fix this?  Join us to find out!

William Tuch of Tuch Knives is a multiple award winning knife maker who has been making art knives for 13 years.  A craftsman who prefers files, sandpaper and stones to machines, Bill’s knives have a well-deserved reputation for premium quality.  Finishing knives beautifully is Bill’s specialty.

Bill is not an engraver.  Instead, he has worked with many talented engravers over the years collaborating on his knives.  He’s seen beautiful engraving and inlay.  He has also seen engravers scratch, scuff, bend, deform and nearly destroy knives that have required hours of repair.

What kind of knife finishing we’ll talk about

Bill will help engravers understand how he finishes folding knives and how to engrave them without hurting the knife’s finish.  Topics include:

  • How Bill finishes knives
  • Protecting and blocking knives that you cannot disassemble prior to engraving
  • Preventing damage to the knife’s action
  • Tips for restoring finishes when something goes wrong
  • Advice about when to return the knife to a maker for final finish
  • A Q&A session in which participants can ask Bill their specific questions

Who it’s for

This discussion is for

  • Beginning engravers who want to start out right working with knives and other finished items
  • Expert engravers who want to improve skills handling premium knives and similar projects
  • Knife makers who want to communicate better with engravers

How to Register

Register now at WEBSITE.  Registration fee – $50.00.  Limited attendance – registrants will be accepted in the order they pay.  We encourage registrants to submit questions (with pictures, if possible) in advance to help Bill tailor his remarks. is bringing this session through Precision Bench.  This is a live on-line video conference – an interactive seminar, not a static presentation.  Participants will be able to hear, see, talk to, and with the right device share images with the presenter.  To participate, you need a decent broadband internet connection with a computer (Windows or Mac), a tablet or smartphone (iOS or Android).  For the best experience, we recommend using a computer with a webcam.  The session will be recorded for rebroadcast.

For more information or to submit questions, please contact Rob Mitchell at

William Tuch
William Tuch has been making knives since 2005. Coming from the metal supply and fabrication industry, he understood metals manufacturing and the machinery used.  With guidance from Butch Vallotton, Tim Herman and others, Bill’s skills progressed quickly.  He won Best New Knife Maker at OKCA in 2007, Best Handle Design at the Blade Show in...
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Discussion followed by Q&A