Bead and Fishtail Diamond Setting June 2019


Joel McFadden uses his 3 step approach to diamond setting techniques. In class, students will set 2mm CZs in custom cast silver rings using burs, gravers and beading tools with the latest microscopes and engraving systems.

Day 1 focuses on Bead Setting.  Students will learn fundamental techniques for Bead Setting diamonds and stones of all sizes in rings.

Day 2 focuses on Fishtail Setting.  Building on bead setting techniques, students learn how to make stones “pop” with more advanced setting methods.

Precision Bench teaches with EnSet engraving systems, Foredom flex-shafts and Leica microscopes. Students who would like to learn with
other systems need to coordinate with us in advance to ensure compatibility with the class.

This 2-day weekend class is an intensive and personalized experience. The class enhances skills while accommodating schedules. Classes are conveniently located in beautiful Bucks County, Pennsylvania, close to Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey, and multiple major airports.

Course comes with 2 mentoring credits for follow-up with the instructor. Mentoring sessions are live, on-line group meetings to reinforce skills and refine techniques.

To apply, contact Rob Mitchell at

Students make bench adjustments and get acquainted with the Precision Bench workbench, Leica A60 Microscope, EnSet engraving tools, and other tools they will be using.
Joel introduces students to his unique method for teaching bead setting, reviewing theory and some demonstration for how to set stones.
Tira teaches students how to shape and sharpen gravers for specialized setting techniques
Pack your own lunch or visit one of our local sandwich shops
Joel reviews Bead Setting Tools from prior lessons and shows how they apply to fishtail technique
Pack your own lunch or visit one of our local sandwich shops
Students work through the Silver Fishtail Study Ring learning how to create a fishtail setting with anything from a blank ring casting through CAD designed castings
Tira Mitchell
Tira started engraving in 1994 working on Motorcycles in Fairfield, California. Inspired by Master Engravers through the Firearm Engravers Guild of America, Tira expanded her work to firearms, musical instruments, knives, jewelry and a host of unique projects.  She has lived in Bucks County, Pennsylvania since 1999. In 2008, Tira began teaching others to hand...
Joel McFadden
Joel McFadden is a third-generation jeweler, born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina. He learned to be a bench jeweler under the tutelage of his grandfather and the other old-time jewelers in Charleston, and from there began working as a journeyman throughout the South. Since then he has operated his own trade shop, a large-scale...
Bead and Fishtail Setting Fall 2018
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Registration and Bench Fees included

We provide all of the tools you need for the class. However, we encourage students to bring personal items like tweezers, their own gravers, and other highly personalized items. They can either use them during the class or compare them to the ones instructors use.
Joel specially designed the rings that will be used in the class. They are cast from silver so you will be working with a metal very close to what you would use in real life. We also provide the CZs. Joel's special design for the rings is integrated with his teaching technique to get you up and running as fast as possible.
You keep all of the samples you work on and the gravers you sharpen. You also take things like burs you use for reference when you return home. All other tools that you use are available through, and special pricing is available to students after each class.
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